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17 October, 2019.

Things are getting exciting in Lighthouse.

Since signing of the MOU in Indonesia, we have had several projects streaming in, and opportunities are really vast and attractive. We'll keep everyone updated as these projects are likely to unfold only next year.

Meanwhile, PROJAGG, our first startup acquisition, after 6 months of revamped and recoding, is making very good progress and ready for project testing end of October. We expect to officially launch it in Jan 2020, and expecting revenue to start streaming in by Q1 2020. We will be aggressively promoting Projagg to governments, developers, the funding community, and potential partnership will be forged.

An update on our next potential acquisition, the green energy efficiency startup.

This startup has a very unique patented nanotech application. It is very easy to deploy with minimal disruption to the owners. Results will be immediate the following months. The efficiency may be able to cut down your electricity bills by 15% to 30%, depending on countries and power suppliers. We are currently doing due diligence and it looks very promising.

As a CEO, my duty is not to pay attention to the stock price but on the core business. I'm not bothered about the price as I know our fundamentals continue to grow stronger each month. Our next objective is to get our accounts audited and upgrade to QB next year. Hopefully, we can improve our daily volume, as we expect Projagg to start generating revenue. In fact, if all goes well, the Nanotech solution will also help generate revenue in Q1 or Q2 2020.


So if you think LHGI will be a billion dollar company one day, do hold firm to your belief. Anything else is plain noise.


- Danny Lim


Our Vision

Our aim is to produce superior financial results to investors and shareholders. To deliver valuable solutions leveraging on cutting edge technology and cloud based platforms to improve ones quality of work and superiority.


We envision to hold solid assets, patents and intellectual properties.

In collaboration with our stakeholders and business partners, we aspire to build a sustainable, transparent and profitable business while keeping our corporate values and culture. 

Our Mission

At Lighthouse, we conduct all our business with a forward thinking approach, unlimited creativity and high level of integrity. Our structure is based on a solid plan; leveraging on company's team strength and partners' industry expertise. We operate by creating value and legacy; passing tradition and culture through state of the art technology, benefiting all.

Our Values

What will drive Lighthouse growth is our main core values which are translated in all our action plan and frameworks.

  • Legacy

  • High Performance

  • Growth

  • Integrity


"By 2020, investable real estate will have grown by more than 55% compared to 2012, according to PwC forecasts, and then will expand by a similar proportion in the following decade"

We have the right capabilities to ensure that we will successfully complete the project as planned. We only collaborate with partners that has industry expertise and exceptional qualities.

Our scope focuses in North America as well as Developing Asia Pacific, which are forecasted to be the most trending development arenas in the next decade.


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Sharing Economy, DLT & Hashgraph

Sharing economy concept is not good enough to ensure beneficial usage of idle resources, leveraging on strengths of each party. But with the inclusion of Blockchain, and/or Hashgraph, it improves security and performance and gives parties a Trustless System.